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Our Work

AgriSolutions has been continuously organising programs and events ever since its foundation we don't only strive to work with farmers alone but also challenge prevalent issues in today's world. Our activists all over the nation strive to achieve one aim: make Earth a healthier and equitable place to live for all. We appreciate every action taken to reach a step closer to this aim. Join us today and let's make the world a safer and happier place to live in!🍀


Empower Her 0.1

In the suburbs of Bhopal, Zoya Ali started a branch of AgriSolutions aiming at educating the woman about crop rotation and ally cropping.Since Bhopal is known for its 'Sharbati Wheat' In India, she analysed the crop efficiency in the local regions and made a biannual plan for the produce.



Empower Her 0.2

In an all girls orphanage in Jaipur, Yashodhara Chaudhary brought AgriSolutions to its grass root level empowering young girls to get involved in several fields of agriculture.She talked about soil acidity(pH level), agro-economics and agronomy.



In the district of Ludhiana Khwaish Aggarwal hosted a plantation and an environmental agriculture awareness drive for young children.She motivated 500 students over a span of 15 days.This campaign was also recognised by the government of Punjab.

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Empower Her 0.3

In this groundbreaking chapter, we celebrated girls' empowerment through sports. The event showcased a range of exhilarating games, inspiring girls to pursue their athletic dreams fearlessly. It fostered a culture of inclusivity, breaking gender barriers, and ignited a passion for sports in the hearts of young girls in the city of Ludhiana.

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