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Our Journey

Just like the Supernova in space forms infinitesimally small atomic nuclei , an idea took birth in the mind of a 15 year old girl living in the suburbs of a city.The city lacked what she longed for: oneness.

This idea was the origin of 'AgriSolutions'

I started AgriSolutions as a local initiative and used it as a platform to bring together woman from all over the rural society that was shattered into parts. I did so by making effort in understanding and implementing modern farming practices and techniques. Today AgriSolution stands at a remarkable pedestal and I thank the women who helped me kickstart this journey.

Our symbol ,the amalgamation of 'lotus' and 'wheat' is an inspiration taken from both the Hindu scriptures and a staple which the farmer produces .'Lotus' represents the ability of a wise person to be liberated from attachment and go about their daily lives, doing what is right, without concern for the outcome.This lotus is dedicated to the the very first family, of AgriSolutions who taught me what the lotus embodies and guided me to work relentlessly for a good cause.'Wheat' is reminder to all of us to thank our farmers who struggle day and night to feed the rising populations in our country.


Our Founder

Khwaish Aggarwal founder AgriSolutions

Khwaish Aggarwal is a 12th grader studying at Welham Girls' School, she believes that through her voice and ideas she can shape a healthier Earth where nature coexists with humanity. She has been born and brought up in a rural community herself therefore understands the plight of the women in her town. 

Through AgriSolutions she aims to empower the farmer woman by planning seasonal agricultural models. 

She aims to foster a community of harmony by motivating all young minds to come together and help Indian farmers increase the efficiency of the produce we all consumer.

Work in Progress

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